Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Owl House

I made this little Owl House up and got the owl into the Christmas Spirit, even dabbed on some snow on his house (mind you, we don't get that at all in my part of Australia !!) Maybe should have put up a little fan and the BBQ in front...

This one I did up for my mum as she has snowmen and snow women all around her living room - thought he would blend in more - and guess what??? he does.

Is it just me or does that owl look like he is glaring up at his hat????? LOL, I better ring mum up and ask her.....reminds me of my daughter rolling her eyes at me.

Better go and finish off my Secret Santa goodies - I will show you in the New Year (once she has worked out it was me...LOL).

Until next time, Happy Crafting....YCB

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