Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Am I affected by the floods in SE QLD?

I must say to a degree I am - whilst we live in Logan (outer Brisbane), my husband and I work in Brisbane Suburbs. Hubby got evacuated from his work place yesterday morning due to flooding threat, and has been told not to go back until he gets a phone call.

Due to the rains we have been having, since Boxing Day, we have lost a few sections of our retaining wall and part of the earth it would normally hold in place.

This was taken New Years Eve after hubby and my wonderful step-father moved the fence for the second time in three days so the shed could be moved off the slab and not be lost when it goes.
As of yesterday, more earth was lost from under the slab and the earth moved about an inch away from fence where that lovely tree is struggling to stand. We need 5 days minimum without rain before Council can start repairs.

However, we are in far better circumstances than many, including my Brother In-Law who's house is totally under water in Ipswich and made the news, and my Mother In-Law not knowing what is happening to the family home her husband built 50 odd years ago - luckily she is staying with my Sister In-Law and is safe.

I was brought up with the knowledge and outlook that no matter how tough your life is now, someone else is having a tougher time. I truly believe that if you have your family, health and belief, you have all you need to get through anything.

I have a truly wonderful supportive family network, and I must say, that does extend to my Stampin' Up and Crafters Anonymous families.

My thoughts are definitely with those in the Lockyer Valley Region, Ipswich and even those in New South Wales who are and will have to cope with these waters as well.

Until next time, Happy Crafting....YCB


Genelle Little said...

Thinking of you Angie, how lovely to hear your positive outlook on everything. Keeping your brother-in-law and mother-in-law in my thoughts as well xx

Angie Jones said...

Thanks Genelle, let the clean up begin and hope that cyclone doesn't develop. Roads are open now so you should start to get fresh fruit, veg, etc yourself... stay safe....xx