Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter Everyone

A belated Happy Easter to you all.

I trust you all had a great Easter and the Easter Bunny was as generous at your house as he was at ours - if not, sorry, he must of left yours here...LOL..hope it wasn't the Peppermint Dove ones....hmmmmm were they nice !!!!

I thought I would share with you how we spent our Good Friday ..... what an absolute laugh I had.
By the end of the day, not only was I a Business owner, but I now had a Silent Partner (who doesn't know how to be silent !!! LOL), a Sales Rep, a Branch Manager, a Marketing Manager, an R & D person and a Quality Control guy.......LOL.....what a fantastic family I have who truly support me with my crafting efforts.......xx

 My Husband and Step-Father with their production line in full swing.

 Still all smiles when it was all done.

A selection of the finished products.

The main aim was to make up 12 of the plastic Flower Tealights (top right) for my cousin's Daughter's Engagement Party.
With that done, we then had to make up the Tin ones as well, and the R&D department felt that because it was Easter - the Marketing Manager should have the Sales Rep sell these off as a great Easter they hot glued the eggs to them.
Seriously, don't let the men in your life loose with a hot glue gun!!!

Didn't they do a great job !!!!
I was in charge of the Big Shot, but the men did the rest, even down to colour co-ordinating the eggs.

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Until next time, Happy Crafting and Creating....YCB


Theresa Rafter said...

sounds like a great day, always fun crafting over holidays, love it!!

Nerida said...

Hi Angela, you are a lucky woman .. a business team and production line behind you all the way! These Tea lights and Easter egg holders are fabulous!