Monday, May 16, 2011

SU Convention Pictures

I had a great time at Convention in Melbourne, but am so glad to be home out of the rain, cold, god it was bitterly cold at times, and appeared that anytime we were stepping outside, it just had to rain.
I guess if I had not had the start of the flu, which developed quite nicely over the 5 days thanks, it would have been even more fun. I even got a new nickname (as did others) and started to live up to it quite well.....just call me Dory now!!
Shane, Vanessa and myself - Vanessa is both mine and Shane's Upline. 
Doing swaps while we waited to register.

Lyn and myself after we had registered. 
We just had to have a picture together showing our Crafters Anonymous Badges.

Lesley, Genelle and Jenny - all Inkcredible team mates, and Jenny and I Roomies.
We had shopped at Memento Mall and were waiting for the General Session to being.
Make and Takes - another highlight of Convention - must finish off the last one!
Myself, Trish, Martyn, Lesley and Chrissie.
Well done to Martyn too - he walked across the stage on Award Night.
Genelle and myself having a bit of fun - I told her you could always tell who held the camera - think I must be getting better as I think I've lost a few chins....
Lyn made the final 3 for the Minute to Win it - what an absolute fantastic experience for her, and I am sure she had as much fun as we did watching them. 
I can tell you, I have never laughed so much in my life!!!

Next year's Convention is in Canberra and that means it will be colder again....brrrrrrrrr. 
Don't you think it looked like a whole lot of fun?
Well you are right, it is an experience that you must do at least once......or every year would be just great too.

Want to join me in Canberra next year and get in on all the Roomie gifts and special swaps and team meets?
I would love to welcome you into my team, and now is a great time to join up and start realising that goal.
Or just host a workshop and I can share my experience and little tips I learnt from the great demonstrators who shared their projects and tips with us.

If you wish to contact me, you can email me at to place an order, or ask about becoming a part of my Stampin' Up! family and start having fun - I'd love to welcome you into my team.

Until next time, Happy Crafting and Creating....YCB


Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoy Convention. I loved it too. Thanks for swapping with me.

Margaret Knoops

Angie Jones said...

Thanks so much - I should be thanking you for swapping with me. those owls are just fantastic, and I recall saying at the time how lucky I was you gave me a Brisbane Lions one. They really are fantastic. Angie xx