Monday, June 27, 2011

CA Monday Night Class

Monday Night class again. I was able to attend this weeks class and wow, what a class.
Jane taught us how to make Spinner Cards.

Being that we are given a list of supplies needed for the class and nothing else, it is with that in mind that I am happy to say that I actually got my card made with what I started with.

I was completely baffled at what to use as a spinner, and both sayings are the word HELLO. The second one is under the cage - idea is you slide it across, but it also spins around as well.
I did put out the call for help in the chat room ....LOL....When I said I had the worst DSP for the project and said what I was using,  Helen agreed with me and told me she had never liked it herself.....LOL, thanks for the support! Never the less, I did persevere and must say I think it turned out ok. Am I right???

Now, if you ever thought we did know what it was we were making before hand - you now know that we don't....LOL......bring on the next class and all the love and laughs......

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Until next time, Happy Crafting and Creating....YCB


Helen Williams said...

Angie I love how it turned out, the bird cage looks great.
Sorry if I was no help last night, I was so tired, I will made my card later in the week.

Angie Jones said...

LOL...Helen hope you're feeling better - you were of help and I can't wait to see your card. xxx