Sunday, October 16, 2011

CA Secret Sister

In the beginning of August at Crafters Anonymous, we put our names down for a Secret Sister swap - theme being friendship.  By the end of August we all knew who we had to make our gifts for and had a questionnaire each of us filled out to help make gifts for our sister.

We all had to ensure we had posted them on or before 1st October.
Yesterday was the day we all got to post a photo of our Secret Sister gifts and guess who we thought it was.

What an absolute fun day of  ohhhhing and ahhhhing at the amazing gifts made and received and the fun of guessing - frustrating for some....hehehe.....I managed to correctly guess my SS Bek Kaberry first up but only by alot of blog hopping and reading of posted comments, and even them I wasn't convinced I had her right.

So I guess you want to see the pressies....right!!!!!

Here is the lovely gifts I received from Bek:

I was Secret Sister to Rachael Hecker and here's what I made for her:

What great fun we have all had - next swap coming up is a Christmas Ornament Swap and I am looking forward to decorating my tree with all the lovely handmade ornaments from my sisters ..... hehehe, I feel so blessed as I don't have any sisters myself, only brothers.I do have 3 sisters-in-law, but it doesn't feel the same.

Thanks for looking,

Until next time, Happy Crafting....YCB


Theresa Rafter said...

OMG Ange, you are a chochoholics dream. Hey what happened to the doillies!!! Love what you made and I love what you received especially the patchwork bag..... xx

Angie Jones said...

yes isn't it just gorgeous..... my have to make one for you....xx