Sunday, October 23, 2011

Christmas Gift Boxes

Christmas really is just around the corner......just admit it, the year has flown by and Christmas is creeping up on you at a fast rate of knots.......ok, maybe it is just me, but I cannot believe my eldest will soon be starting Grade 10....Look out world he is about to embark on you all.....hehehe doesn't bear thinking about.

Now these are definitely worth thinking about......

101 ways to tie a bow.....but you all know that Bows are not my thing right!! Seriously, there are another 5 of these and yes, you guessed it, all different - I told my mum it would cut done their debating time on which two to take as they are all different....hehehe, sounded good to me.

How awesome is that Santa and Snowman together.....and seeing as I just HAD to taste test, they are both as yummy as each other. Speaking of just have to get some of the Seam Binding Ribbons. They are sooo soft and easy to work with (just ignore my attempts) and a great range of colours.

Ok, I hope I have spurred you on to start thinking about Christmas and what you need to complete your projects.

Let me know if I can help in any way....

Thanks for looking,

Until next time, Happy Crafting....YCB


Debi said...

These are Great Angie- perfect stocking fillers xDEbi x

Theresa Rafter said...

sooooo cool Angie, love what is inside, ummmmmmmm, I would be with you and taste testing xx