Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Card gifts!!!!!

Imagine my surprise this afternoon when I got this Christmas card and gifts in the mail........I knew the card was on the way as a certain person had said yes send a card, BUT no gifts.....hehehe I guess she never heard herself say that!
Anyway I shall show you the lovely gifts from Theresa.....

 Gorgeous Christmas Card - love the embossing.
 Awesome Seed Packet with seeds.....hehehe I have a brown thumb!
and a cute as little frame!

And how awesome is this interlocking card - I don't know the name of it, but I loveeeee it!
and yes I even managed to fold it back with the right letters showing.....
Theresa had put a DVD inside for me to watch over the holidays....yay, me, chocolate, wine and DVD.

Now, you all know what this means hey.....hehehehe......stay tuned!

Thanks for looking,

Until next time, Happy Crafting....YCB

1 comment:

Theresa Rafter said...

Gee wiz that was quick getting to you. Couldn't resist, and I love that DVD holder, how good is that, shame the letters don't pop more..... glad it arrived safely x