Sunday, January 22, 2012

Late Christmas Gifts Swap

So you know how fast time is going, and honestly, I just don't know where the days go some we are and the kids go back to school tomorrow!!!!! Goodness mine are Grade 6 and Grade 10....when did that happen!

Theresa and I decided we would make a little swap parcel for Christmas and get together and swap over coffee one day before Christmas....hehehe, yep, that happened ....well, it did yesterday......and as usual, I was given the only a couple! talk and yes, I did only make a couple....cause there is always next time .... LOL Anyway, because I was only allowed to make a few, I tried to make some that would WOW Theresa.

The first one is my Blinged up version of Cocoa The Christmas Pup on a reusable Coffee Cup.
I gave one of these to another girlfriend - would you believe that was the week after Christmas as well !!!!
Big goal next year is to do this before Christmas!!!!
Absolutely love him and will be making more this Christmas.

Second gift is an Altered 2012 Diary.... yes I know, but she still gets to use it for 11 months..hehehe

I did make a third gift - you know a couple can be three, but I will show you that one later in the week and then I will show you the couple (a dozen) Theresa made me !!!!
I guess we now know that a couple is at least 6 minimum...hehehe...

Thanks for looking,

Until next time, Happy Crafting....YCB

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