Sunday, April 8, 2012


Happy Easter everyone !!!!!!!

I sure hope the Easter Bunny paid you a visit in the early hours this morning....I know we got a visit in our house! If you are missing some eggs, they are probably at our house.....LOL, and if they were the Jelly Eggs, you may come and collect them - yes, looked like a great idea at the time, but my God, they are soooooo sweet that one is too much. Seriously, just get a spoon and the sugar jar.

Anyway, do you want to see the cute little Mini Candy Dispensers I made my kids????

I saw these on Becky Roberts site and followed the link to Kelleigh's site and bought the template - cause I am nowhere near smart enough to work this one out myself. I did however add a little egg shape tab to open the lid for refills - yes, refills so you can use it more than once.

How cute are they!!!
I put skittles in them as my kids love them - they did get chocolate as well, but I thought this was something they could keep and use again....

Anyways, off to eat my Malteasers  (Thanks Rachael !!) and maybe tidy my craft room ???

Thanks for looking,

Until next time, Happy Crafting....YCB

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Theresa Rafter said...

Oh you are such a good Mum, Only Easter Bunny visited us, maybe next year Mum will too!!! Love those dispensers, was looking at buying them and then thought I should try and work it out myself, but definately on a day I can concentrate. Happy Easter Baby xx