Monday, September 24, 2012

SUCC2 - Accessories

Wow, time for my next Challenge already - before we know it it will be Christmas!

This time I decided we could all take the opportunity to use up some of our ribbons, buttons, etc.....

Here are my inspirational examples (loose word I know.LOL)

Given that rosettes are all the rage at the moment - rhinestones jewels onto button.

Just love sticking satin ribbon onto cardstock and run through the big shot - this time Butterflies and rhinestone jewel bodies.

Pearls and pleated satin ribbon. 

I have cased the wedding card off one I saw on pinterest - I can not for the life of me recall the person.
You know I look at soooo many cards and think what a great idea without saving it or writing it down that when I finally get around to recreating it or a similar one, can't find the original again. So if you find it or know who it is please let me know and I will give them credit.

Remember, as always, if you would like to know more about the project, just ask!

Thanks for looking,

Until next time, Happy Crafting....YCB

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Theresa Rafter said...

very cool cards baby, love the butterfly one xx