Monday, April 6, 2015

SSQ26 Ekka Time 2011

Here's my entry into the Soul Scrapper Challenge over at Soul Scrappers.

This one is different to others in that we get given a "Theme" for signing up to, and then receive some bits an bobs in the post to create a layout with.
We are required to use all of the pieces sent - you can modify, colour, etc to suit your layout.

So this time the theme was TIME........

Here's my entry:

I am in the top picture on one of the rides.........looking closer at it, it appears that my leg is straight up in the air!!!!
LOL that is actually a prop of the ride behind me. Loved it when I saw it as it makes for a fun photo, which prompts the question before hopping on rides - have you got your mobile in a safe spot?
Nathan hopped on the ride with me and halfway through I heard and felt something in the foot of the carriage....YES, a certain son's mobile - well half of it anyway!

Thanks for looking,

Until next time, Happy Crafting....YCB

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